Startling Stories, Fall 1944, Earle Bergey Cover Artist, Click for a larger view

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YEAR-MONTH          AUTHORS                             PRICE

To check story titles and complete contents of a specific issue, please visit: Internet Speculative Fiction Database PULP MAGAZINES Some of the coding for condition: Some have no covers (nc), others have no front cover (nfc), no back cover (nbc), writing on cover (woc). The grades poor, fair, good and gvg may have tape and/or water damage. Any better grades, vg and above may have the typical fraying of the edges and maybe a slight spine spit but generally a much better appearance and no tape. 10 STORY WESTERN MAGAZINE ========================= 1952-FEB Mack Reynolds, Bruce Cassiday cover vgf $10.00 WES ADVENTURE MAGAZINE - Butterick Publishing, New York =================================================== 1931-SEP 15 W.C.Tuttle, Hugh Pendexter cover . . vgf $12.00 ADV 1948-APR Four-Letter Word by Fredric Brown cover vgf $15.00 ADV 1948-SEP Four Blind Men by Fredric Brown cover . vg+ $12.00 ADV AMAZING STORIES MAGAZINE BLACK MASK PAPERBACK MAGAZINE BLUEBOOK - MacCall Corporation Publisher, New York ================================================== 1942-MAR 3 novels, 1 novelet, 8 stories cover vg+ $15.00 ADV FAMOUS FANTASTIC MYSTERIES Magazine Index FANTASTIC ADVENTURES Magazine Index 1948-11 McGivern, Gerald Vance . . . . cover . . . vg.. $8.50 SF 1949-08 R.M. Williams, Rog Philips. . . cover . . . vg.. $8.50 SF 1950-11 Mack Reynolds, John Jakes . . cover . . . . vg. $12.50 SF 1951-01 Clifford D Simak, John Jakes cover . . . . vg+ $15.00 SF 1953-01 McGivern, Dakin, Jarvis, Geier cover . . vg.. $7.00 SF 1953-02 Rog Phillips, Storm, Jarvis cover . . . . vg+ $10.00 SF FIFTEEN WESTERN TALES ===================== 1950-02 Appell, Michner, Tompkins, Fox, cover vg.. $8.50 FIC SCIENCE FICTION QUARTERLY Magazine Index 1957-02 "Misadjustment" by Philip K. Dick cover . vg+ $12.50 SF SHORT STORIES, New York, D.McIlwraith, editor 1949-06 Gruber, Everett Raymond Kinstler cover vg+ $12.50 FIC STARTLING STORIES Magazine Index 1954-SUM Merril, Pratt, Merwin, St. Clair, Finlay sold TEXAS RANGERS 1957-FEB Jackson Cole, Philip Ketchum cover vg+. $8.50 WES THRILLING WONDER STORIES Magazine Index 1947-12 Bradbury, Kuttner, Earle Bergey cover . vg. $10.00 SF Weird Tales Large Size


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